Acıbadem Comprehensive Spine Center

Acıbadem Maslak Hospital Comprehensive Spine Center

Acıbadem Maslak Hospital Comprehensive Spine Center provides advanced diagnostic and treatment services with its patient focused treatment approach principle. During execution of treatment services, our specialist doctors obtain better results owing to the possibilities provided by advanced technologic devices. During these diagnostic and therapeutic processes, our multidisciplinary approach that encompasses all associated specialities together enable a more rapid exhange of information between the units; this in turn minimizes loss of time and allows transition to the phase of creating solutions for our patients with spinal disorders.

The multidisciplinary program includes physicians who can provide outpatient examination and treatments in addition to conditions which may or may not require surgical intervention.

One of the most significant characteristics of our center is its contribution to the science of spine diseases via the academic studies performed by health staff with high academic orientations. Our doctors actively participate in global scientific associations or study groups

Our center also organizes public education meetings and seminars on spinal health and diseases as part of a social responsibility project. To serve this goal, the center organizes public education and awareness meetings, prepares and distributes visual and published materials.


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