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Acıbadem Maslak Hospital Comprehensive Spine Center

Biz Kimiz? Acıbadem Maslak Hospital Comprehensive Spine Center provides advanced diagnostic and treatment services with its patient focused treatment approach principle. During execution of treatment services, our specialist doctors obtain better results owing to the possibilities provided by advanced technologic devices. During these diagnostic and therapeutic processes, our multidisciplinary approach that encompasses all associated specialities together enable a more rapid exhange of information between the units; this in turn minimizes loss of time and allows transition to the phase of creating solutions for our patients with spinal disorders. The multidisciplinary program includes physicians who can provide outpatient examination and treatments in addition to conditions which may or may not require surgical intervention.

What kind of a process is followed in the Comprehensive Spine Center?

Initially our patients are asked a few questions, then our triage system refers the patient to the unit that the patient should visit first. This prevents confusion in the patients regarding which discipline they should visit first. After the patient’s complaints are listened, all related tests are performed. While the source of the illness is investigated by our doctors who are specialists in their fields, the initial treatment type is also determined.

In conditions where the treatment applied in the first unit does not achieve the desired effect, the patient is referred to another discipline, suggested also by the discipline applying the treatment. Therefore, by establishing coordination and integration among various disciplines within the system, the treatment of our patient who comes to us with spine complaints continues until he or she is returned back to normal life. The patient may need to be evaluated or treated by one or more disciplines during this successful treatment process. Also, previous studies are shared with all units through a digital network.

The patients’ problems are shared between the disciplines until a solution is found. In addition, by multidisciplinary meetings taking place twice a week and attended by all disciplines, treatment solutions and the necessary algorithms that need to be followed in complicated patients are discussed together. Using the network that we are also a registered member of, patients with critical conditions are discussed with experts throughout the world and assistance is obtained when necessary.

Treatment Approaches in Our Comprehensive Spine Center

The approaches used in our Comprehensive Spine Center are evidence based, determined by clinical methods, audited, and they give priority to patient safety.

Based on our experience or advances in medicine, our treatment plans are changed and updated by the clinical executive committee when necessary. Possible errors are eliminated by patient security cards in all steps of treatment. Patient security is always a priority in our center.

Contemporary study and treatment methods that rely on high technology are used in studies and treatment.

Patient Quality of Life Assessment and Recording Systems

Information regarding the quality of life questionnaires and the illnesses are regularly received from all patients who present to our center to benefit from advanced diagnostic and treatment methods, the information is subsequently collected and recorded. In addition, the treatments applied to our patients, improvements in the quality of life and complaints after surgery, and side effects and complications that may arise after treatment are objectively recorded. Once their treatment is over, short and mid term follow up of the patients is made by calling our patients for periodic follow up visits or sending them questionnaires periodically. Treatment outcomes and the performances of our doctors are thus evaluated objectively. This gives our center and doctors the possibility to constantly update themselves.

Patient Education

Our patients receive extra education on their diagnosis and management in addition to the information given by our doctors. This is considered to be particularly important in our patients who are planned to undergo surgical treatment. Getting information on the operation that will be made and to discuss what has not been understood may not always be possible due to the busy schedule of the doctors. Misunderstandings, incomplete knowledge, and high expectations significantly affect the success of the results. The expectations of patients who have been well educated about their operation are more realistic and the results are more successful. Therefore, our educated staff will give you extra information on your illness and operation by written and illustrated materials, and will schedule and appointment so that you can discuss with your doctor the topics which have not been understood.

Multidisciplinary Meeting During the Diagnosis and Treatment Process

Our clinical executive committee formed by representatives from all disciplines convene every 3 months, and perform the following:

Which Conditions are Treated in Our Center?

Our center performs the diagnosis and treatment of all diseases related to the spine and spinal cord. Some of these include:

Contribution to the Science of Spine Diseases

One of the most significant characteristics of our center is its contribution to the science of spine diseases via the academic studies performed by health staff with high academic orientations. Our doctors actively participate in global scientific associations or study groups. The scientific studies that they perform are presented in international scientific congresses and published in journals. Our surgeons receive invitations from various regions of the world and perform education and participate in nonprofit spine operations, or demonstrate the operative techniques. This enables the application of the most contemporary techniques and technology in our center. Thanks to these activities our doctors remain up to date and constantly refresh their knowledge.

Other Services Provided in our Center

Our center also organizes public education meetings and seminars on spinal health and diseases as part of a social responsibility project. To serve this goal, the center organizes public education and awareness meetings, prepares and distributes visual and published materials.

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