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Frequently Asked Questions

Is scoliosis a treatable disease?

Scoliosis is a treatable disease. Medical and surgical treatment methods are applied.

Does calcium deficiency cause scoliosis?

Calcium deficiency does not cause scoliosis.

Does poor posture cause scoliosis?

Poor posture does not cause scoliosis.

Do carrying heavy school bags or carrying the bag always on the same shoulder cause scoliosis?

Carrying heavy school bags or carrying the school bag always on the same shoulder does not cause scoliosis. However to prevent wear and pain of the lower back, children are recommended not to carry weights that exceed 5% of the body weight.

Does adolescent idiopathic scoliosis cause back and/or lower back pain?

Scoliosis in adolescents is often not a source of pain, however lower back pain may be seen in severe scolioses located in the lower back. Back and lower back pain may be present in adult scoliosis.

Does brace treatment totally correct scoliosis?

Braces do not make the spine totally straight.

I am going to have a scoliosis operation and I am a smoker, will that be a problem?

Bone healing is the final result in a scoliosis operation or any operation that requires fusion. Smoking negatively affects bone healing. Therefore patients who will undergo fusion, in other words any operation that necessitates bone healing, are recommended to quit smoking.

I have a titanium implant on my back, will these implants rust, or expelled by the body? Will they alarm the security detectors at the airport?

Titanium implants (instrumentation) do not alarm the metal detectors at the airport, do not rust or be expelled by the body.

Does pregnancy increase scoliosis?

Pregnancy does not increase scoliosis.

If I undergo scoliosis surgery, can I still give birth?

The operation does not affect your ability to give birth.

Are deformities of the spine (scoliosis-kyphosis) hereditary? Will it be seen in my children, siblings, or grandchildren?

Deformities of the spine may be a hereditary condition, however there is no definite proof. According to our current knowledge, it cannot be explained by only genetics. However if you have scoliosis in your family, it will be useful to check the backs of your children during the rapid growth phase.

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