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His Dream Was Made A Reality By Turkish Doctors!

İdeal Okul Çatası


11 year old Rakhmatillo’s appearance from behind was like the letter C! His greatest dream was to go to the school he had to “stay away” from “all by himself”…

11 year old Rakhmatillo was born with scoliosis. There was no doctor left in Uzbekistan that his father and mother hadn’t taken him to but none of the treatments worked. He could not be operated on due to the risk of paralysis. Over the years his scoliosis progressed. One leg was shorter anyway and the curve in his back made it shorter. He went to school up until second grade with the help of his father. But later on when it became very difficult for him to walk a teacher started coming to the house. His biggest dream was to be able to go to school “all by himself”! Little Rakhmatillo’s dream was realized thanks to Turkish doctors.

İdeal Okul Çatası His family heard about the Acibadem specialist doctors in Uzbekistan and set out for Turkey with great hope. Acibadem Maslak Hospital Pediatric and Adult Spinal Disorders Specialist Prof. Dr. Ahmet Alanay and Acibadem University Medical Faculty Pediatric Brain Surgeon Prof. Dr. Memet Özek made sure this hope was justified. Despite the high risk of paralysis for little Rakhmatillo they operated at a one month interval. Both operations were completed successfully. The Yuldashev family was smiling for the first time in many years. Little Rakhmatillo can now go to school just the way he wants – ‘all by himself’! His joy, not to mention his family’s, is greater than words can describe.

He is as mature as a man despite his small age and body. The burden he has been carrying on his back for years has matured him. 11 year old Rakhmatillo was born with scoliosis. He is the smaller of two children. His 14 year old brother can run and play and go to school with a healthy body. He tried his best to be attentive to his little brother and help him forget about his illness but that was not possible! Rakhmatillo’s health problem, the 110 degree curve in his spine, weighed heavily on the family for years. His shape looks like a full C from behind! They looked for a solution in Uzbekistan for years leaving no doctor they had not consulted and no stone unturned. But no one wanted to operate because of the high risk of paralysis. When they heard about Prof. Dr. Ahmet Alanay, a specialist of the Acibadem Maslak Hospital, they established contact. Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialist Prof. Dr. Ahmet Alanay and Brain and Neuro Surgeon Prof. Dr. Memet Özek took over Rakhmatillo’s treatment.

He would have faced serious health problems in his 20s

İdeal Okul Çatası The little boy had problems with his spinal cord as well as his spine. The cohesions and strains in the spinal cord had made his left leg become thinner and weaker. It was important to separate the cohesions for two reasons. The first was that if they weren’t opened he would lose his ability to walk, which was already quite restricted, completely and he would become unable to control his urinating. The second was that without opening these cohesions any corrections made to the spine could cause paralysis. Therefore Prof. Dr. Memet Özek performed the operation on his spinal cord first. One month later Prof. Dr. Ahmet Alanay fixed the curve that could not be corrected with highly advanced and normal methods, by cutting bones from the spine and loosening it in an operation that lasted for 7 hours. Prof. Dr. Alanay, said “We reduced the 110 degree curve to 25 degrees and when we fixed the spine we corrected the shortness in his leg caused by the curvature. Now all that is left is a slight shortness in the leg itself and we corrected this by adding a support under his foot”, and underlined a very important point: “A child with a 110 degree curve in his spine and cohesion in his spinal cord would have serious respiratory problems in his 20’s, lose control over urinating and probably lose his ability to walk completely. But Rakhmatillo is better now. He is back to his normal life. He sends me pictures all the time. I can’t begin to describe how happy I am for him”.

He can go to school and even play soccer

Rakhmatillo’s greatest dream was to be able to go back to the school, which he couldn’t go to no matter how much he wanted to, all by himself. Now this dream is reality. He had been going to school with the help of his father until second grade but as the disease progressed it became impossible for him to go. Upon the request of the family a teacher had been assigned to come to the house 3 days a week. The child always had a heavy heart, he was always sad. He wanted to play with his friends in the school playground on breaks, to run and walk around. He loved soccer but because of his disease he could not even walk on his own let alone play soccer. His father Ergashali Yuldashev and mother Deldora Yuldashev were “grieving everyday” for their child. His mother Anne Derdora Yuldesheu said “Our biggest dream in the world for him was to be like normal kids one day and this dream came true thanks to the Turkish doctors. We are grateful to them”. Father Ergashali Yuldashev, who pointed out that his younger son knew every soccer team and loved soccer, added “His biggest dream was to go to school on his own and play soccer. There is no greater joy than to see both of these dreams come true. Thank you, thank you, thank you to Turkish doctors.

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