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Bel Kayması Lower back slippage is forward slippage of the vertebra above over the vertebra located below. Lower back slippage that occurs due to aging and wear is often the slippage of the L4 vertebra over the L5. (figure 1). Lower back slippage is often accompanied by “narrow canal”. Lower back slippage is often seen in children or adults above middle age.

What are the signs of lower back slippage?

The general complaints in patients with lower back slippage are pain in the lower back and hips. The severity of the pain increases when bending forward, and increases when bending backwards. These patients experience lower back pain frequently while walking and they may have to stop. Cramps that occur when standing for long periods or that occur during the evenings are among the symptoms of lower back slippage.

How is the diagnostic process in lower back slippage?

The first thing to do in such conditions is to visit a doctor. A wrong treatment applied to your spine may have terrible consequences. During the physical examination your doctor may request an MRI, or the diagnosis can be made with dynamic X rays (bending forward and backward, etc.). MRI studies in various positions can detect the presence of slippage of the vertebra or its magnitude.

What are the nonsurgical methods in lower back slippage?

Patients diagnosed with lower back slippage undergo medical treatment before surgical treatment. The severity of the pain and vertebral slippage are significant here. The doctor may ask the patient to decrease the daily activities. Resting the lower back may be recommended. Your doctor will recommend a lower back brace when necessary. The lower back brace may help to decrease the pain and eliminate the spasm. In addition, there are injections made to the lower back, these are also called steroid injections. However injections do not provide a definitive solution.

What are the physical treatment methods in lower back slippage?

Your doctor will prepare a rehabilitation program for you which will strengthen the muscles in your lower back. These exercises will also lengthen the short and tightened muscles around your hip. The aim is to make your slipped vertebra stronger and stable. You have to be under a doctor’s follow up during this period.

When are surgical methods necessary in lower back slippage?

Your doctor may consider surgical treatment necessary based on the severity of slippage in the spine and the complaints. However it should be emphasized that surgery is recommended only when the pain and complaints are beyond scope of medical treatment. Difficulties during walking, functional disorder in the intestines and bladder may also necessitate surgery.

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