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In the Comprehensive Spine Center, problems related to spinal diseases are handled in a multidisciplinary approach, and the Center aims to provide healht services which will improve the life qualities of patients. During all these processes, our principal goal is to provide continuation of the well being of people by enabling them to possess consciousness and awareness on spinal health.


The Comprehensive Spine Center, with its multidisciplinary approach that harbors numerous medical units together, aims to be a patient focused health center where advanced diagnostic and therapeutic services are provided under the leadership of our specialist doctors.

Advances in medicine and technology have created the need for specialists who focus on a narrower field. This in turn has necessitated a multidisciplinary approach for some disease groups. Spine disorders are in this group. Problems related to spinal health increased during the last years, creating serious socioeconomic problems in countries, lowering the people’s life qualities, and even leading to early deaths. Therefore raising awareness and educating our people is crucial.

Numerous disciplines participate in the management of spinal problems, and this creates somewhat a confusion for the patients. There is a confusion on the initial doctor that needs to be visited by a patient with lower back pain, and especially when surgery is needed, on the discipline that should be visited. The patients often require to undertake the treatment of various disciplines a few times, and therefore finding the correct discipline, being guided between the disciplines and their coordination become problematic for them. Today, the “treatment oriented” approach has to be replaced by the “patient oriented approach”.

The first priority of our Comprehensive Spine Center is the establishment of “patient focused approach”. The patients’ problems should be solved by a multidisciplinary approach in a single center, and their healths need to be restored. When we use the term “patient focused approach in health”, we take the following six basic elements into consideration:

1. Referral of the patient to the correct discipline according to his or her complaints
2. Application of the most modern and advanced evidence based treatment methods
3. Evaluation of treatment outcomes not only through the doctor’s perspective but also through the patient’s perspective (patient quality of life questionnaires)
4. Referral of the patient to another discipline and organization of the required appointments by the center after objective evaluation of treatment outcomes in cases where the problem persists
5. Completion of the treatment with zero error by giving priority to “patient safety” during both diagnosis and treatment
6. By performing periodic follow up after treatment, making sure that everything is going properly.

Another important aspect of the Comprehensive Spine Center is, by periodic multidisciplinary meetings, to discuss difficult cases, audit treatment algorithms, and change them when necessary, evaluate complications of treatment, and take the necessary precautions for their prevention. In summary, our aim is to determine the type of treatment and to execute the management, which is customized to the patient after evaluating the patient’s complaints and performing medical studies.

In addition to a patient focused approach, education of the public and raising awareness, as well as performing health screening for spinal diseases are our primary goals.

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