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The Schroth-Therapy

Bel FıtığıAxel Hennes who is Schroth Therapist will meet us for Scoliosis Awareness Month Speech in Acıbadem Maslak Hospital on 31 May 2015.

The Schroth-Therapy is a physiotherapy method founded by Katharina Schroth in 1921 and developed by her daughter Christa Lehnert-Schroth (PT) until 1995. The current version of the method since 1990 is mainly influenced by the senior PT´s Axel Hennes and Udo Roevenich.

Senior therapist in the  Asklepios Katharina-Schroth-Klinik, Germany Centre for intensive in-patient rehabilitation for children and adults.

Senior Instructor for Schroth 3D Scoliosis Therapy according Katharina Schroth,

International Schroth Senior Instructor  courses in:
Bad Sobernheim (Germany)
Bangkok (Thailand)  Mahidol University
Daejeon (Süd Korea) Konyang University
New York (USA)  Hunter College (NY University)

Introduction to the Schroth Method

The Schroth Method has a long tradition. It was founded in 1921 by Katharina Schroth in Meissen  in the eastern part of Germany. In 1961 Katharina and her daughter Christa moved to Bad Sobernheim and in 1983 established their own clinic - the “Katharina Schroth Klinik”.

Katharina died in 1985. Christa continued the work of her mother and refined the orthopedic –breathing treatment. In 1972 Christa published a textbook on the principles of 

3-dimensional scoliosis treatment. In Germany the Schroth Method developed into the most recognized conservative exercise-based approach for scoliosis treatment.

PT´s from Germany came to take training courses and used this method in their out-patient environments. In this way the use of the method spread, and patients learned of the non-surgical and “no-brace” management of scoliosis. Children and adults came to spend 4-6 weeks in the clinic while the German health care system covered the costs for this kind of treatment. More and more the method came to be known as a scoliosis intensive rehabilitation program which enabled patients to cope with scoliosis and to participate in their social lives.

Today braces are part of the in-patient rehabilitation setting in the Asklepios-Katharina Schroth Klinik.  Asklepios, a German health care provider, bought the clinic in 1995 and with it the responsibilities and rights to use the brand name “ Schroth-Method “ and the “3 dimensional scoliosis therapy by Katharina Schroth”.

The typical Schroth training courses started in 1986. After finishing the certification process,   PT´s  acquire the title “Schroth-Therapist” and are registered in the  “List of Schroth-Therapists”. Currently in Germany there are more than 2300 active Schroth-Therapists.

The expansion beyond German borders began 20 years earlier with Dr.Rigo to Spain, later to Austria, Israel, UK and the USA. Training courses in English held in Germany are available since 2008. Nowadays courses are available in Latvia, Estonia, Hungary, South-Korea, Thailand and the US. After finishing these international courses the therapist will be registered in the “List of certified and authorized international Schroth Therapists”.

Basic elements of the Schroth Method


Scoliosis patients need to have information about the disease in order to help them to develop pro- active coping strategies. Such information should include a calculation of the risk of progression even when it is difficult to accurately assess the risk for immature children with scoliosis <25°Cobb.

Trained and experienced experts

PTs and physicians should have specific knowledge about radiological and clinical assessment, pathomechanism, scoliosis documentation and scoliosis management regarding postural aspects, adaptation of specific exercises, specific mobilization and high standard braces.


Treatment may be both individual and in a group. Main objectives are detection of typical scoliosis features and the restoration of normal postural alignment and static – dynamic  postural control and stability.

Other objectives of treatment are the deceleration or prevention of progression in order to avoid the necessity of bracing and performing surgery.

Treatment also includes teaching scoliosis specific exercises and breathing techniques in accordance with the principles of  Schroth’s conscious posture to enable and encourage patients to perform a home-exercise program and achieve postural changes in activities of daily living.

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